Sunday Masses
Please see note below


​Saturday Evening at 5 PM

​Sunday Morning

At 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM 

Daily Mass 


Daily Mass times are subject to change


Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 

morning Mass is usually at 9:00AM

Friday morning Adoration at 11:00 AM followed by Mass at 12:00 noon

​On Thursday there is no Mass

Where to get Catholic News




Upcoming Events

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

there will not be any gatherings in the Parish other than for Mass. The Church will only allow 30% occupancy with allowance for self distancing.

We ask for your patience at this time.

God bless everyone!

If you wish to continue donating to your Parish, and are unable to attend Mass,  you may use the Donate button on this website or deposit your offertory envelope in the mail slot at the front door of the Rectory.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live in very real ways. Children are not immune to the impact that the virus has had and have probably heard more than we realize between media news clips and overhearing adults talking. This is a time to talk to your children and help them understand more fully what is going on in the world. Tell them that they can help themselves and others to be healthy and safe by following the instructions given by their parents, by teachers at school and by other adults who care for them. Remind them that our Catholic faith adheres to the fact that every person has dignity and each of us must do our part to keep all people as safe as possible. As a family, pray daily for all people to remain vigilant in their actions so we can defeat this virus. Empowering our children with concrete information and actions to undertake can prevent the development of very real anxieties from developing.

Have you read Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation?




This one is quite long, but it is about love in the family and family life.  It is in part it is a follow up on the Synod on the family which took place in Rome with many Bishops from everywhere around the world.



Also read Pope Francis' first encyclical letter Lumen Fidei which means
Light of Faith.
The following link will lead you to the text.  Good reading!
Also read Pope Francis'
Apostolic Exhortation
And Pope Francis'
See this short video on a
Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires which has been scientifically examined



Here are some good websites to seek out -




Face coverings/masks are strongly encouraged and sometimes, mandatory.  


Please click this link to learn what Health Unit Orders and/or Bereavement Authority of Ontario Registrar's Directive apply to your parish. 


For a list of exceptions to the Health Unit Orders, please consult the website of the regional Health Unit issuing the Order.

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