Sunday Masses
Please see note below

​Saturday Evening at 5 PM

​Sunday Morning

At 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM 

Daily Mass (see note below)


Daily Mass times are subject to change


Monday to Thursday

morning Mass is usually at 9:00AM

Friday morning Adoration at 11:00 AM followed by Mass at 12:00 noon



The countdown is on. Plan to enjoy yet another Betty-Baby-Doll-Ski miracle!!!!!!! If Colonel Sanders were alive he would be ordering this culinary chicken creation and he would not just lick his fingers!! He would lick our the clam shell container and probably kissing Betty’s feet for good measure!!!!

Time is short. Tickets must be purchased by this Wednesday evening for ordering the proper quantities. Any questions call Fr. Bill at 705 768-0844.


This weekend October 16-17 is the last weekend a trailer will be parked by the church for you to drop off any metal you wish to get rid of.  If you come across some treasure trove of  scrap metal in the future, just give Fr. Bill a call at 705-768-0844. Sanford and Son also have a pickup service.

Please note:  we are also accepting the electrical cords off of old appliances.

Physical distancing of two metres (six feet) remains the requirement for attendance in church and parish facilities, including seating, however, groups of people from the same household may be seated together.   

If you wish to continue donating to your Parish, and are unable to attend Mass,  you may use the Donate button on this website or deposit your offertory envelope in the mail slot at the front door of the Rectory.

You may wish to sign up for electronic giving. Please contact the parish office if this is an option you wish to pursue.

Where to get Catholic News




Have you read Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation?




This one is quite long, but it is about love in the family and family life.  It is in part it is a follow up on the Synod on the family which took place in Rome with many Bishops from everywhere around the world.



Also read Pope Francis' first encyclical letter Lumen Fidei which means
Light of Faith.
The following link will lead you to the text.  Good reading!
Also read Pope Francis'
Apostolic Exhortation
And Pope Francis'
See this short video on a
Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires which has been scientifically examined