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Updates on Covid-19 Health precautions:  

  • Indoor masking requirements are lifted in churches, parish halls and offices starting on Monday, March 21, 2022.  

  • Churches can currently rent their halls, and food/drink can currently be served in halls.  

  • Starting Monday, March 21, all Covid-19 health precautions are lifted in parish halls  

  • Starting on Monday, March 21, health precautions on choir activities are lifted.  

  • Clergy and lay staff who have a Covid-19 close contact or who experience symptoms or test positive for the Covid-19 virus are reminded to continue following the current health unit guidelines and provincial regulations that apply to close contacts, the onset of symptoms or a positive test result.  

For a list of exceptions to the Health Unit Orders, please consult the website of the regional Health Unit issuing the Order.

Information about the COVID-19 Coronavirus Vaccine can be found on the Roman Catholic Diocese of Peterborough webpage for COVID-19 Updates.  


Please click this link to access the information:

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